Flavoured Coffees

Every self respecting coffee company in Europe is considering the introduction of a line of flavoured coffees, butthey get frustrated when the project has to be withdrawn at the moment it comes to produce it in the own factory.

As the European market is a ground coffee market, with much finer grinds than the USA, it is quite difficult to make good flavoured ground coffee on a larger scale. Besides this, runs are quite small, with a lot of different flavours and there is a high risk of contamination in the grinders, feeding equipment, packaging lines and other products in process.

We have a basic range of 7 flavoured ground coffees packed in 125g :
- Irish Cream - Amaretto - Vanillanut - Hazelnut - Caramel - Chocolate - Cappuccino.

However we are producing a great variety of flavoured coffees on order.
Packaging possibilities are :
- Flavoured coffee in beans : 1000g / 5000g
- Flavoured ground coffee : from 7 g to 250g

Available flavours are :
* chocolate flavours : Swiss chocolate - Belgian chocolate - white chocolate - bitter chocolate - tiramisu -
choc.orange - choc.mint - choc.cherry - choc.blackberry - choc.banana&cinnamon
* fruit flavours : cherry - French vanilla - hazelnut - walnut - vanillanut - coconut - almond - blackberry -
* liqueur flavours : Irish cream - amaretto - grand marnier (orange liqueur) - kahlua toffee ( coffee liqueur)
Havana rum - cognac - rum&cinnamon
* others : cappuccino - cinnamon - cookies&cream - caramel etc.