Coffee, as simple word that means so much to so many. The trees, the beans and beverage are all known as coffee. The tree produces only green leaves for the first three to five years, after which fragrant flowers bloom for a few days annually. After the appearance of the flower, the fruit begins to develop, changing from light green to a deep, dark red, which indicates it is ready to be picked. A tree produces consistently for 15 to 20 years.

    Coffee grows on the islands of Java and Sumatra, in Arabia, India, Africa, The West Indies, Central and South America.

    The genus coffea contains 25 or more species. Of them there are three species that arae grown commercially; the arabicas, the robustas, and libericas, the arabicas being the finest.

    How to make perfect coffee...

    According to " The Coffee Brewing Institute" formed in 1952 by the Pan American Coffee bureau and National Coffee Association, there are a few simple steps the follow to ensure brewing great coffee:

    Use a clean coffee maker

    Use fresh coffee

    Use fresh cold water

    Measure water

    Measure coffee(standart is 2 level tablespoons of coffee per 6 oz of water)

    Serve coffee as soon as possible after brewing


    At Aroma we grind the beans upon request to meet your needs. We recommend that you purchase your coffee in whloe bean form and grind just the right amount before brewing. If you prefer, we will be happy to grind it for you. Using the correct grind ensures the proper flavor extraction when the correct grind ensures the proper flavor extraction when brewing. There is no such thing as an " all purpose " grind; therefore we offer the following grind options to our customers.

    Auto Drip
    French Press
    Electric Perk
    Regular Perk

    If stored for too long ground coffee goes stale and loses it's unique flavor. Ideally to keep your coffee at its freshest and most flavorful, you should buy whole bean coffee and grind only what you need each day. Here are a few suggestions to follow whether you buy whole beans or have your coffee ground:

    Store your coffee in an airtight container (the special bags we ship in serve this purpose)

    Store your coffee in cabinet if you will use it in less than a month; in the freezer if it will last you more than a month
    (and never in the refrigerator where it picks up moisture and odors!)

    Let your coffee reach room temperature before brewing.


    Roasting is responsible for the flavor and aroma that is associated with coffee. It imparts the rich brown color of the bean and infuses it with splendid aromatic qualities and a wonderful taste.
    Skill and experience is the key factor in producing the perfect taste; under roasting or over roasting will substantially
    affect the quality.

    The beans are heated in a rotating horizontal drum to ensure a uniform temperature.
    The temperature varies depending on the roast:

    Light roast about 380 degrees Fahrenheit

    Medium roast about 400 degrees Fahrenheit

    Dark roast about 425 degrees Fahrenheit

    The beans are cooled rapidly and transferred to airtight bins.